Beatles: And I love her
(Courtesy of snappat)

Intro               F#m        E6    
E |-----------------|
B |-----------------|
G |-----------------|   Repeat     Repeat (go to Verse 1)
D |-----2--1--------|
A |--2---------4----|
E |-----------------|

Verse 1:  F#m        C#m         F#m          C#m           
          I give her all my love that's all I do  
          F#m        C#m         A              B7            
          And if you saw my love you'd love her too  

	  And I love her

Verse 2: She gives me everything
         And tenderly
         The kisses my lover brings
         She brings to me
         And I love her

Chorus:  C#m         B    C#m         G#m              
         A love like ours could never die

         C#m        G#m        F#m       B7                       
         As long as I have you near me

Verse 3: Bright are the stars that shine
         Dark is the sky
         I know this love of mine
         Will never die
         And I love her

Solo: (Slide into notes)
E |--------------------------------------|
B |----536----53----536-63---------------|
G |--23-----23----23------320---2--------|
D |-5------5-----5-------------0---------|
A |--------------------------33---30-----|
E |---------------------------------313--|

Verse 3
Repeat Intro

    E6   F6   G6   Dm/A   C#m   Gm   B  G#m
E |--0----1----0-----1------4----3---2---4--|
B |--2----3----0-----3------5----3---4---4--|
G |--1----2----0-----2------6----3---4---4--|
D |--2----3----0-----0------6----5---4---6--|
A |--2---------------0------4----5---2---6--|
E |--0----------------------4----3---0---4--|