I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER  
                     Words & Music by John Lennon & Paul McCartney

                        Album: A Hard Day's Night (1964)

INTRO: (Play lick 4x)

   G      D         
 |-4-4----5-7-5--| (Harmonica transcribed for guitar) 


     G     D     G      D                G              D                      
I________________   should have known better with a girl like you____

G       D                G           D     
         That I would love everything that you do___   
Em                C                D                  G        D
        And I do__   Hey hey hey___       And I do___


G     D            G        D           G           D          G     D
     Whoa___Whoa___I______Ne-ver realized what a kiss could be___     This could     

G       D            Em                C                 B7     Em           
Only hap-pen to me___    Can't you see___Can't you see___         That when I
C                      G         B7       Em        
tell you that I love___you___  Oh___       You're gonna say___you love me too___ 
G            G7            C             D7                  G
___Hoo hoo hoo______Oh____   And when I ask you to be mine___

Em     C                 D7                   G     D      G     D
        You're gonna say___  you love me too______               So___oh___

VERSE 3 (Same as VERSE 1 but with these lyrics):

I should have realized a lot of things before____
If this is love you've got-ta give me more___   
Give me more___  Hey hey hey___   Give me more___



                                      h               h              w

[Repeat VERSE 2 and FADE]



w=whole note
h=half note
^=hold note/ties two notes 

INTRO: Downwards on all five quick strums.  

(STRUM pattern for rhythm guitar: &2&3&4& and 1&2&3&4&.)  

     Chords used in this song:  

      Chord Names:             Frets:          Fingerings:
     G                         320003           320004
     D                         xx0232           xx0132
     Em                        022000           023000
     C                         x32010           x32010
     B7                        x21202           x21304
     G7                        320001           320001
     D7                        xx0212           xx0213

STRUM Pattern for LEAD [electric] guitar on VERSE 2: Strum each chord starting 
with the B7 once and let ring.  The last two C chords played by the electric 
guitar in the verse are described as "C2" down below. 

LEAD guitar chords:

     G                         335433           113411
     D                         xx0232           xx0132
     Em                        x79987           x13421
     C                        81010988          134211
     C2                        x3555x           x1333x 
     B7                        797877           131211
     G7                        353463           131241
     D7                        x5777x           x1333x

Submitted by: Michael Hatch
Email: watching_wheels@hotmail.com
Date: 7/01/01