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{t:I've Just Seen a Face}

{notes:  No capos are needed to play this song}

I've just seen a face I can't forget the time or place where we just
met she's just the girl for me and I want all the world to see we've
[D]         [E]       [A]
met mmm mmm mmm mm mm mmm

Had it been another day I might have looked the other way and
I'd have never been aware but as it is I'll dream of her
[D]          [E]       [A]
tonight da da da da-da da

[E]                [D]
Falling yes I am falling and she keeps
[A]      [D]     [A]
Calling me back again

I have never known the like of this I've been alone and I have
missed things and kept out of sight but other girls were never quite
this da da da da-da da


{One verse guitar solo}


{Repeat first verse}


{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Chorus with this change}

[A]              [D]       [E]        [A]
Calling me back again