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Generator Six, Advanced Features

Chord Generator Six includes all of the regular features of...
Guitar Chord Generator and Chord Name Finder combined plus...
Now you can use the Chord Generator Six to find any chord then add and remove notes and print your unique results.
You can click on any name found then edit it in the top box to anything you want and it will be used in the print display.
Alternate bass notes chords like D/C# or G/B or Show only chords with root as lowest note or anything you can think of.
Any number of frets from 7 through 23 can be visible at all times, the demo picture is showing 7 (open is considered fret position, zero through six = seven)
Fretboard display shows either fret numbers or chord notes. When the 'open' box is clicked and the fret is set to some number, the top space alternates between open note, your chosen fret or unplayed string (blank).
You can create your own tuning, click 'set' then 'lock' it in, then use the generator to find chords in your tuning or click notes in and out on the freboard (chords will be shown as fret numbers or the actual note).
Any Key, any Fret, any Scale Generator (shown in fret number or note).
You can Click 'all' and display all possible notes of any chord or any arrangement of notes at any fret any tuning all at once.
It's only $8.95... And You'll never have to buy another chord book.
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