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Guitar To Player On-Line
 New!  Play chords on your smartphone
Key of: E C G D

 New!  Pocket Piano:
Display the names of piano chords entered note by note and individual notes of any piano chord chosen.
Perfect Pitch
"MusicBox 4 Kids" comes with built in Ear Training Device.
 New!  Lefty Piano 
Read Me: On the Lefty Piano... Everything is a Completely Reversed, Mirror-Image
Vocalist / Singing Trainer / Chords from Scales: Make a list of piano chords from any scale... Great for songwriters! ... or music theory lessons... Vocalists can sing along with any scale or chord.
 Gab-o-Matic  Autoharp: for easy accompaniment "Gab-o-Matic" Autoharp with MouseOverOnly (tm) Sound, Strum, Tones, Pitch Shift
Click on any chord, mouseover the blue bars or use the keyboard you type on... "Q" is Eb etc.
 Cool!  Piano keys to guitar tab:
Click notes on a piano keyboard and create a guitar tab.

 New!  Five Octave Piano with Seven Complete Octaves of Sound.
For any operating system, PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS...
Only $ 24.95 with Google Checkout (blue button).
Or "Get it now" $19.95 (orange button) immediate download $5.00 off.

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