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  New!   Guitar Chord Generator SixFourBanjoSeven - Almost 86,724,401 chords in Standard and alternative tunings.
Design your own printable chord charts.

High Tech Guitar Chord Finder Generator
For advanced users, you must know some basic guitar chord structures.
Vocalist / Singing Trainer / Chords from Scales: Make a list of guitar chords from any scale... Great for songwriters! ... or music theory lessons... Vocalists can sing along with any scale or chord.   New!   Autoharp: for easy accompaniment
Chord Charts New! Color Coded Chords
Featuring barre chords. Also, an easy to play guitar chord chart for beginners (or anyone taking lessons) .
Check this out... Cool guitar stuff
Mini guitar Chords... iPhone GPhone Android
Send any chords in a link... Key of E - C - G
Guitar Tab Generator HorizontalSix String VerticalFour StringBass5 String BanjoSeven StringLefty
e g af m sx
  Make or play any tabs of songs, guitar chords, scales, songs notes etc. Speed-up Slow-down
Percussionist Drum Tab Player Editor:
Instantly hear any ascii drum tab online. Play along with and stay perfectly on time.
  New!   Pocket Piano Chords and Scales:
Display the names of piano chords or scales entered note by note and individual notes of
any piano chord chosen.
Perfect Pitch
"MusicBox 4 Kids" comes with built in Ear Training Device.
  New!   Chords with Lyrics Diagram Creator
Mysterious Correlation of Light and Sound
Major Chords are Primary Colors...
  New!   Chord Name Finder:
Any Number of Strings  
Click notes of any guitar chord, find all possible names of chords. Any instrument, any number of strings, any tuning.
  New!   Guitar Scales.
Create, play and print over 2,500
Short Cut Capo:
Worship Praise tunings.
Guitar Tuner / Tab Player:  
Works great and has the slickest address:

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